Inland Communications Inc. focuses on providing tower and facility services. The majority of Inland’s clients have operations in the rural outreaches within the province of Alberta, Canada. Inland facilitates connections to “last-mile” clients with the use of wireless medium. Costs of running fiber or copper to individual plants and offices are very expensive and wireless communications have proven the same connectivity and reliability at a fraction of the cost with proper system design.

Many of Inland’s facilities are directly connected to Alberta Supernet facilities with access to numerous services. Common connections include managed symmetrical commercial internet connections, VLAN connectivity to corporate offices in Calgary or Edmonton.

Recently a high number of clients are taking advantage of Inland’s existing interconnected sites via a VLAN wireless trunk thereby reducing capital costs.

Inland provides facility for numerous clients and providers that are able to host a wide selection of services. If you require a service and have a preferred provider or would like a referral, please contact us.

For tower and facility locations please make a request to: providing your contact information, and site location. Additional information will be requested upon determination of facility availability to service your needs.