Co-location Services

Inland Communications Inc. provides managed co-location / facility rental on towers and facilities. Managed services are provided in order to maximize real estate usage and to reduce RF congestion and minimize interferences. The residual benefits of managed services provide the client with fair and competitive pricing with their interests protected.

Inland’s facilities consist of a wide variety of structures. Structures vary depending on terrain, land permissions and specifications.

Wireless Distribution Co-op

In order to facilitate populated and highly congested RF areas, Inland has incorporated sectored wireless distribution to maximize the spectrum. VLAN capabilities are available in this network design.

Two-Way Radio

Inland’s standard tower contains an industrial VHF, high gain broadband omni-directional top mount antenna. This configuration minimizes tower congestion by providing access for multiple clients to share the same antenna. In order to accomplish this task, multi-coupling / filters are utilized which also aide in reducing site interferences. RF and antenna analysis are routinely performed for proper site management.

Additional Services:

  • Wireless point-to-point networking (unlicensed or licensed microwave). Whether this is between client sites requiring just the use of Inland’s facilities or additional services that have connectivity at Inland’s facilities.
  • VLAN trunking thru existing wireless infrastructure to reduce connection costs.
  • Managed commercial symmetrical internet connectivity.
  • Wireless Site and facility rent for numerous applications including; SCADA, paging, 2-way communications.